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90th Anniversary Logo
90th Anniversary Logo

Our Legacy - 90 Years of Healthcare


Our story began on June 12, 1933 when the Caldwell General Hospital opened its doors in a 12-room house at 123 South Osage Street. The Hospital had an "open staff" policy which meant any doctor could treat any patient. The hospital could accommodate up to 10 patients and housed an operating room and laboratory. The nurses had living quarters in the house just north of the General Hospital and the Stock Exchange "Annex Building" served as the surgeon's office.


On June 27, 1936, the Caldwell General Hospital moved into the Southwestern Hotel where the Insurance Services Building is now. The doctors' office was on the first floor, the second floor had 10 patient rooms, x-ray, a nursery and operating room and the third floor accommodated 7 patient rooms along with the kitchen and dining room.

In 1955, the Caldwell General Hospital established the hospital district and announced its new name - Sumner County Hospital District No 1.


In 1964, crews broke ground on a new facility at 601 South Osage Street. The Sumner County Hospital District No 1 officially opened the doors for business on December 30, 1965. By 1972 the hospital had outgrown its original space and constructed a 4,300 sq. ft addition to the North and South ends of the building. The Critical Access Hospital accreditation was established in 1998.


On July 1, 2022 SCHD#1 opened its first rural health clinic after taking over ownership of Caldwell Family Clinic located just north of the hospital on Osage Street. This secured primary care for Caldwell and the surrounding communities and is the first time in over 30 years that primary care was locally owned and operated!

2022 would continue with its historical days. On November 4, ground was officially broke on the 4th generation of facilities east of Caldwell on Highway 81. After countless hours of designing and planning, the dreams of securing rural healthcare for the area came to fruition.


The new construction took 15 months to complete and on January 24, 2023 the hospital Board of Directors, Administration and Staff held an unveiling ceremony and ribbon cutting for the new Caldwell Regional Medical Center. The response from the community was one of awe and excitement. On January 30, 2023, the doors officially opened for business on the new, state-of-the-art, 42,000 sq. ft. facility.

We have a long history of caring for generations of people in Caldwell and the surrounding communities. With our new facility, we will be able to continue our legacy of quality healthcare for many years to come.